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For your next vacation to the Isle of Palms, Charleston Coast Vacations offers the best vacation rentals in Isle of Palms. With thousands of vacation rentals to choose from, Isle of Palms is a great place for planning a Charleston beach vacation. We even feature many rentals inside the amazing Wild Dunes resort. Condo rentals often offer 3 bedrooms and a beachside or oceanfront deck or balcony. Most oceanfront homes on the Isle of Palms offer a private pool with each vacation rental. Many homes are traditional in design, so it is best to compare other vacation rentals in the Isle of Palms area before making a decision. For condo rentals & townhouses, Wild Dunes will provide the best options, and for private vacation homes, Palm Blvd is the best area in the Isle of Palms vacation rentals market. All properties offer air conditioning and cable TV, and updated options offer wireless internet access without additional charges. Vacation rentals are typically offered on a weekly basis during June, July, and August, however many management companies and owners will accept 4-night options if dates are open a week or so out. Waiting is risky with the high demand for Isle of Palms rentals, so it is advised to book ahead. March and October are also great times to visit the beaches of Charleston as the weather is much cooler, although the water can be brisk. Late April and early September are also favorite times to visit with warmer waters and fewer crowds. 

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