Finding the Best Boat Rentals Around Charleston, SC

Boat Rentals Charleston, SC: A young vacationer smiles while taking a ride on a boat near Charleston Harbor.

Tranquil escapes are always welcome in Charleston, SC, so anyone looking for the perfect blend of leisure and exploration will be pleased to learn our stretch of the shore has several boat rentals available. So, to help you find the best company for your needs, we put together an easy listing of five top-rated options!

Kayak Charleston: An Immersive Lowcountry Adventure

Kayak Charleston: A father and son explore an inland marsh near Charleston, SC, in a two-person kayak.

To many, the best thing about Charleston, SC, is that it’s a large enough city to enjoy various cultural amenities but small enough to allow visitors to connect with nature when they want. The “Holy City” is an excellent urban environment for outdoor enthusiasts, from boating to birdwatching. You could find yourself downtown for breakfast in the morning and having a picnic in a forest on the outskirts with little effort a few hours later. One such activity that has grown exponentially in popularity is kayaking.

Discover 7 of Charleston’s Best Activities for Kids

Charleston Kids Activities: A youngster laughs joyfully as the tide rolls in on Folly Beach near Charleston, SC.

Known for its iconic brick and cobblestone streets and historical significance, “The Holy City” offers the kind of old-world charm seasoned travelers crave. Still, if you’re dreaming of a family getaway that combines laughter, learning, and outdoor play, Charleston, SC, is the place to be. Let’s dive into a fun-filled exploration and excitement with these seven kid-approved activities from Charleston Coast Vacations!

Your Guide to Pet Friendly Folly Beach, SC

Taking time out of a busy schedule to enjoy a sunny and fun-filled getaway to Folly Beach, SC is always something for travelers to look forward to. Knowing you can venture this way with your dog at your side makes the stay even more meaningful! Overall, Folly Beach is a beautiful and pet-friendly place to […]

4 Reasons to Visit Charleston in the Winter

A beautiful winter sunrise in Charleston, SC.

If you’re from the Midwest, Northeast, or another cold winter region and have grown tired of annual frigid weather, this might be the year to take a break. Many people may think of places like Florida or Mexico to find refuge from the chill, but Charleston in the winter has many advantages over those more expensive and busy destinations.

Charleston Airport: How to Make Your in and Out Easy Breezy! 

Downtown Charleston

Traveling to Charleston is a breeze! One of the most significant pieces of traveling to the Holy City is passing through Charleston Airport. Located in North Charleston, this airport is the gateway into the city. Luckily, this airport is easy to navigate and always gives visitors a warm welcome. If you’re planning on flying to […]

Are you freezing cold? Head to Charleston, SC, and get nice and toasty! 

Charleston, SC

Escaping the bitter cold and finding warm, comfortable weather is right around the corner! Many people seek our snowbird rentals in Charleston, SC, during the winter months to experience the beautiful beaches, fabulous dining, and friendly locals! Even better, staying in a vacation home is cost-effective! Traveling to Charleston during the winter is unbeatable! For […]

Pros and Cons: Your Ultimate Charleston Beach Guide

Charleston, SC beaches

From a vast history to stunning shorelines to Southern hospitality, South Carolina’s Lowcountry is known for so much! However, there’s no doubt that many people visit year after year for the sandy Charleston, SC beaches. Below, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of the city’s nearest beaches, so you can decide which best fits […]

Plan the Perfect First Day of Vacation in Charleston With These Tips

First Day of Vacation in Charleston

South Carolina’s coast has something for everyone. From vital parts of United States history to world-class beaches that can be enjoyed year-round, you can easily plan around your specific interests. Planning your latest getaway is exciting, but nothing beats that feeling when everything awaits you at the beginning of your trip! We’re here to give […]

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