Discover 7 of Charleston’s Best Activities for Kids

Known for its iconic brick and cobblestone streets and historical significance, “The Holy City” offers the kind of old-world charm seasoned travelers crave. Still, if you’re dreaming of a family getaway that combines laughter, learning, and outdoor play, Charleston, SC, is the place to be. Let’s dive into a fun-filled exploration and excitement with these seven kid-approved activities from Charleston Coast Vacations!

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry

One of the top Charleston kid’s activities that offers a healthy dose of educational value is easily The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. With interactive exhibits that include the Pirate Ship, DooDash’s Art Studio, and an Infant and Toddler Playspace, this museum transforms learning into playtime, ensuring young minds stay engaged and entertained while having plenty of fun.

South Carolina Aquarium

Another fun yet educational Charleston kid’s activity is going to the South Carolina Aquarium. Interactive exhibits, touch tanks, and diverse marine life await. It’s not just an excursion; it’s an adventure in learning that will leave your kids wide-eyed with wonder.

Charleston Pirate Tours

Ready for a swashbuckling good time? Embark on a Treasure Hunt with Charleston Pirate Tours and bring your kids’ unique pirate tales to life. Hidden treasures, daring adventures, and the city’s swashbuckling history will unfold before your children’s eyes.

Charleston Fun Park

For exciting endeavors that will have your kids begging for more, head over to Charleston Fun Park. Youngsters will love the wide assortment of attractions, from classics like Go-Karts and Mini-Golf to state-of-the-art must-try activities like the Omni Arena and the VR Coaster.

Folly Beach

Need a beach day? Folly Beach, a short drive from Charleston, is the answer. Kids can build sandcastles, collect seashells, and revel in the family-friendly atmosphere. Stroll along the Folly Beach Pier for the perfect ending to a beachside adventure. It doesn’t hurt that we have a seemingly endless collection of Folly Beach vacation rentals at the ready!

Waterfront Park and Pineapple Fountain

For a splash of fun and breathtaking scenery, head to Waterfront Park. The iconic Pineapple Fountain is the star, inviting kids to splash around in its refreshing waters. With green spaces, gardens, and walking paths, it’s a haven for families seeking relaxation and play.

Charleston Water Taxi

For a unique experience, hop aboard the Charleston Water Taxi. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s a scenic boat ride across the harbor. Kids will love the adventure (especially the Dolphin Watch), and it’s a convenient way to reach the attractions we mentioned, like the South Carolina Aquarium and Waterfront Park.

Folly Beach Luxury Vacation Rentals

These seven Charleston kids’ activities aren’t just a checklist; they’re ingredients for a recipe of unforgettable family moments! From the playful exhibits at the Children’s Museum to the scenic boat rides and beachside bliss, Charleston promises an enchanting adventure for families. Pack your bags, bring your toddlers and teens, and let Charleston Coast Vacations help you create magical memories in the Lowcountry.

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