Charleston Airport: How to Make Your in and Out Easy Breezy! 

Traveling to Charleston is a breeze! One of the most significant pieces of traveling to the Holy City is passing through Charleston Airport. Located in North Charleston, this airport is the gateway into the city. Luckily, this airport is easy to navigate and always gives visitors a warm welcome. If you’re planning on flying to Charleston, this blog has everything you need to know to make your experience good. Now that you’ve gotten through the airport download our Destination Guide! This guide contains all of the top activities in the area. From local landmarks to the best places to grab a bite. Who’s ready to take on Charleston? 

Charleston International Airport Overview 

The Charleston Internal Airport is the largest and busiest airport in South Carolina. Millions of passengers pass through the airport each year. However, even with the title of the largest airport in SC, the airport is easy to get through and provides a relaxing travel experience. Our state-of-the-art airport provides travelers with an easy and seamless experience. From landing on the ground to arriving at your Charleston lodging, you’ll be surprised how quick it was! 


Flying into Charleston has never been easier! CHS has 13 airlines that service the airport; all major east coast and even some west coast cities have direct access to our beautiful city. Chances are, no matter where you’re coming from, there is an easy way to get here. Be sure to look at our non-stop destinations and see if your city or a city near you is on the list! 

Transportation Services 

The airport provides several ground transportation services. Rental cars, ride-sharing, hotel shuttles, taxis, and bus services are all available to travelers. Access to all of these services can be found outside of baggage claim. In addition to these services, rental cars are also available. Best of all, there are several rental companies to choose from, so travelers have many options! Before you know it, you’ll be in Charleston, taking in all the sights and sees! 


Good news! Parking has recently expanded at CHS, so there is plenty of space to park your car. Featuring both parking lots and parking decks, with both hourly and daily parking options, travelers have everything right at their fingertips! There is even valet parking to make parking even more accessible. 

After landing at CHS, cruise over to your Charleston Coast vacation rental! 

When you arrive at CHS, you’re only a few more minutes away from your dream vacation rental home! We have homes on the Isle of PalmsSullivan’s Island, and Folly Beach! Each of these beach communities offers something different, but they all have the same beautiful Charleston characteristics. We even have monthly rentals so that you can stay even longer! Whether visiting Charleston for the first time or coming back for another Lowcountry escape, you’ll feel right at home with us! We can wait to welcome you to paradise! 

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