The Ultimate Guide to Winter in Charleston, SC 

While the arrival of winter sends some indoors, bracing for months of cold and snow ahead, others are more motivated to get out and explore places with better conditions to enjoy the great outdoors. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you decide to enjoy a winter journey to scenic Charleston, South Carolina! This is a year-round getaway destination that promises to thrill thanks to its Lowcountry location and views that are unsurpassed no matter what the season may be. There’s no need to hide inside when you have the option to spend winter exploring Charleston instead. The following are just a few of the many reasons you’ll want to make time for an adventure this way when winter rolls around once again.  

How to Experience a Charleston, SC, Winter

What to Pack Based on Typical Winter Weather 

Wintertime in Charleston is typically defined by mild weather patterns that are inviting and offer up plenty of options for getting out and enjoying the fresh air during your stay. Far from the freezing temperatures found in other locales this time of year, Charleston enjoys average highs in the 50s and 60s during the daytime hours. A winter trip to Charleston is a good time to pack in layers and different options to bring as you’ll likely find coats and sweaters comfortable in the early mornings and evenings, with afternoons encouraging you to shed down to t-shirts or long sleeves.  

Advantages of Winter Travel 

Off-season travel comes with fewer crowds to contend with which is a very inviting prospect for those who want options to check out places they’re excited to explore at their own, preferred pace. You won’t have to stress about not getting reservations at your favorite restaurants and you won’t have to worry about large groups gathered on beaches either. It’s a great time of year to slow down, unwind, and relish the views in Charleston. 

Winter Activities 

With mild temperatures and fewer crowds too, a winter in Charleston is an outdoor adventurer’s dream come true. It’s a lovely season to rent a bike and hit the trails, or simply take time to stroll through downtown, checking off major landmarks and sightseeing as you go. While winter water temperatures might not be extra inviting for something like a swim, a walk on the sand and watching the waves roll in promises to be ideal! Winter travelers will enjoy taking time to explore the French Quarters, and the Battery, or booking a boat tour through the Charleston Harbor as well.  If you’re someone who loves golf, winter is a great time to book a tee time or two at some of the city’s top courses.  

Seasonal Events 

For travelers who love to add seasonal festivals to their vacation itinerary, winter in Charleston promises to please.

  • November: Don’t forget to get your tickets to the Annual Turkey Trot!
  • December: The Holiday Parade of Boats is a hit with locals and visitors alike in the Charleston Harbor each December.
  • January: The Lowcountry Oyster Festival in January is an experience that’s as delicious as it is fun, as well as the annual Reindeer Run.
  • February: The Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) officially kicks off! Come out for the day and enjoy the Dock Dogs events and peruse the local markets.
  • Other Happenings: A few more annual winter events in the area to look forward to include the Charleston Marathon and the Charleston Jazz Festival

Book Your Charleston Stay Today 

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