Sullivan’s Island vs. Folly Beach: Which of These Charleston Destinations Is Right For You! 

Enjoying time away from the daily hustle and focusing on beach fun instead can do wonders for your perspective on just about everything. When you’re overdue for some time on the shoreline, both Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach are destinations in South Carolina that provide inviting and scenic settings for visitors to enjoy. That said, understanding some key differences between the two can help you pick the place that more perfectly matches up with your unique sense of travel style in order to make more of every moment.  

Sullivan’s Island  

Typically, Sullivan’s Island is considered a less crowded locale as opposed to Folly Beach. If you’re the type of traveler that values a relaxed scene and a slower pace, this might just be the ideal place for you. Sullivan’s Island is also smaller than its Folly Beach counterpart but has earned a reputation for being exceedingly beautiful! It’s a lovely place to enjoy a morning stroll on the sand or spend time picnicking waterside with family and friends. There are plenty of local restaurants to enjoy here when cravings come calling that feature Southern fare, seafood, and dishes inspired by far-flung destinations too. Many visitors to Sullivan’s Island take time to explore the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse which is also fondly referred to as Charleston Light. Time on the beach for Sullivan Island visitors comes with gentle waves thanks to the area being well-protected by the Charleston Jetties.  

Folly Beach 

Travelers who are looking for a place that’s brimming over with eclectic and welcoming beach town character and vibes will love every second spent in Folly Beach. Once known as a hippie beach town, Folly Beach has found a way to retain that charm and charisma while inviting more and more visitors to come and make the most of the fun over the years. Situated on the James Island side of Charleston, Folly Beach is just a 20-minute drive from the city. While taking time to unwind on the sand is definitely a popular choice among visitors, Folly Beach is also a place where you can spend time exploring beach shops, unique restaurants, and bars as well. Folly Beach also has a way of calling to surfers with “The Washout” being a particularly popular destination. A trip this way wouldn’t be complete without a stroll along the Folly Beach Pier which stretches 1,049 feet into the Atlantic Ocean and hosts fishing rod rentals, a gift and tackle shop, ice cream stands, and beach access as well.  

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Whether you choose to spend your time on Sullivan’s Island or on Folly Beach, you’ll find that having amazing vacation rentals in place that infuse luxury, comfort, and style into your stay elevates the experience even further. That’s where the team at Charleston Coast Vacations comes in! Reach out today to learn more about our exciting and inviting vacation rental options on both Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach that will keep you close to area fun while living in style every step of the way. We look forward to seeing you here soon! 

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