How Decorating a Beach House Rental Will Help You Financially

Renovations are all the rage these days. From the endless number of television shows highlighting home renovations to the posts and articles on social media by interior designers and bloggers, the renovation ideas are endless! So, that begs the question, how should I be decorating a beach house rental? We’ve laid out some questions you should be asking and what the best approaches are!

Once you’ve made some upgrades to your beach house, it will increase the value and can make you extra income as a vacation rental. If you’re considering this next step toward financial success and happiness, we can help you reach your goals! Learn more about our property management services and contact us today!


How Should I Be Decorating a Beach House Rental?

Keep reading for all the best tips and tricks on decorating your beach house!

When Should I Renovate My Vacation Home?

The simple answer to the question is: as soon as you can! Renovations are best done during the offseason when guests are not disturbed. This way, your vacation home is in pristine condition for peak season.

What Trends Are in Style?

We have found the days of kitschy beach decor and second-hand furniture are behind us. Guests are looking for modern, updated, and top-of-the-line amenities for their vacations. The main areas to focus on are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Both will really show guests the upgrades you’ve made.

Renovated kitchens are so important for guests when booking their vacation. Guests opt for a vacation rental so the family has the option to cook meals in the house and not eat out for every meal. So, kitchens with sleek, MODERN APPLIANCES stand out, especially if these kitchens have beautiful custom cabinets and countertops. Little touches like a CHALKBOARD WALL or a built-in drink fridge can make or break a guest’s decision to rent the property.

A renovated bathroom shows guests that the homeowner cares about the property. Clean lines, TILED SHOWERS and TUBS, and WALK-IN SHOWERS really grab guests’ attention. For properties with more than one bathroom, it is important to remember that families, possibly with young children, will be vacationing at the home. Families with young children often look for a vacation rental that has at least one tub in the property, so kids can still take their evening baths.

Where Can I Find Inspiration?

So many of the vacation homes on our roster are perfect examples of all the trends happening today when it comes to decorating a beach house rental! We’ve compiled a gallery of pictures for you to look through and get some inspiration for your own renovation.

Who Should Manage My Beach House?

Our team at Charleston Coast Vacations is second to none in the area. We focus on our owners’ goals and optimize our strategies to ensure we align with their vision. We have years of experience providing top-notch customer service and work tirelessly to make your vacation homeowner dream become a reality.

Whether you want to make a new property investment or seamlessly transition your Isle of Palms vacation rental from another company, our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES are just what you need. 

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