Vacation Rental Management

We understand a successful vacation program requires three distinct yet overlapping services. Many programs offer one or the other but do not excel at all three. We do. That’s "the dunes difference."

We invite you to explore everything dunes properties has to offer. The Frequently Asked Questions section below also offers comprehensive information about our philosophy and management strategy. Contact us to schedule a quick & confidential discussion of your needs or for a more detailed peek into our approach to vacation rental management.


Liz Spencer Bernthal, Mark Malone, & Becca Madigan

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… [the] team is handling my condo so beautifully, efficiency, and with care. The Summer weeks in my unit are totally booked and it looks like the Fall is on its way to doing the same. I really appreciate it and am glad to be handled by your company
Jan S., condominium owner
… dunes is doing a great job. We like your innovative marketing. We like the renter selection for our home which has limited damage and pleased the neighbors. We like the personal attention given the renters. I think they behave better and enjoy their vacations more because of it. It pleases us for the guests to have a good experience. And we like how Mark keeps an eye on the house and is always helpful. So thanks for the nice work by all at Dunes.
Tom & Susan V., home owner
… Elizabeth is so good she extended our living room outside for the guests and all that beautiful furniture! She is the only person that has a deck named after her in Charleston Oceanfront Villas. It’s called, ‘THE LIZ’-Designed by Liz.
Larry W., condominium owner
I have never made a request of Wes that did not bring immediate response. He is efficient and I always believe he has my interest in mind in his management.
Al C., condominium owner
… you guys are doing great. Thanks for all your help & look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.
Brent H., home owner
… Liz and Mark do a great job for us! They are both very helpful and always responsive to any questions or anything we need and that’s important to us as we are rookies at this rental thing. Should anyone ask I always recommend dunes properties as a result.
Scott B., condominium owner

To provide the highest level of transparency, we do not employ maintenance or housekeeping personnel. This allows our team to negotiate better pricing for clients without a potential ‘conflict of interest’. Many new vacation rental owners are enticed by the idea of "in house” services offered by other management companies. 

Most home owners keep private linens in a locked owners closet for personal use. For vacation guests, linens are provided by 3rd party companies and built into housekeeping costs. This keeps home owners from having to buy and replace linens frequently.

Only a signature is required to get started. We have found many property owners worry about changing to a new management company. At dunes properties, we make the transition seamless and simple for clients joining us from other companies. Existing reservations are honored so no income is lost. The change is easy and quick!

Not at dunes properties! Our vacation rental division was created for our clients’ needs. Some management companies go as far as charging their clients to visit. At dunes properties, we offer an open schedule with minimal restrictions.
Before the internet, using a large management company meant a larger marketing budget. This is no longer the case. Now, small to medium sized companies can often provide more attentive service while enjoying the same marketing reach as larger companies due to the power of the web. At dunes properties, we recognize this change in the vacation rental landscape and interview all new clients to verify we only offer qualifying properties as vacation rentals. This keeps our community small while attentive and provides clients and guests with the highest level of service.
Your bottom line. With over 20 years of experience, the highest rating in the state, and a tech-savvy, energetic team, our clients boast the biggest perk with dunes is the bottom line as well as the attention and care their homes and guests receive. We are focused on providing the highest rental income for each client, not the highest number of clients. Be wary of offers such as complimentary TVs and cleanings.
Properly organizing and administering your vacation rental business requires a great deal of time and attention. We handle every aspect of the rental process from a guest’s first call to his or her day of departure. We also provide monthly accounting of income & expenses as well as satisfaction of state and local requirements for short term vacation rentals. This service covers the administration of your rental business. A percentage of rental income is retained for this service. Percentages are property specific and based on the features, location, size, and age of each property. This provides a fair representation to all clients. Please contact us for your personalized rate.
Reservation Administration
Guest Phone and Email Support
Reservation System
Guest Agreement Preparation
Calendar Management
Arrival Desk & Guest Assistance
Guest Concierge Service
24 Hr Guest Emergency Assistance Hotline
Policy Enforcement
Housekeeping Scheduling
Linen Management
Maintenance Vendor Management
Finance Administration
Owner Monthly Statement
Vendor & Service Payment
Direct Deposit
Satisfaction of State & Local Requirements
SC Sales & Accommodations Tax Collection & Payment
Escrow Accounts for Rent
Business License Assistance

Reaching potential guests is a top priority, and we provide aggressive marketing strategies for our community of property owners. By harnessing the power of the web, print, email campaigns, Google search, and a guest database built over the past 25+ years, "the dunes difference” marketing service provides our owner community with excitingly strong revenue year after year. This service is $360 annually and provided to all new vacation rental owners as community marketing.

Our Property Care service includes routine inspections by your primary, licensed property manager to verify maintenance, security, and safety of your home. Although often ignored by "big box” management companies, this foundation to our program offers peace of mind to clients. We also offer one of the best property-to-manager ratios on the Charleston Coast. This translates to better care, better communication, and lower long term maintenance costs for clients. This service is $250 monthly and provided to all new vacation rental owners. It covers the costs for on site management and is not related to maintenance & repair expenses to operate your vacation rental business.
Assigned Property Manager & Support Team
Consistent, Regularly Scheduled Reporting
Utility Reduction & System Settings Check
Maintenance Coordination
Security Check
Liability Reduction with Safety Reporting

We do not charge surplus or "markup maintenance fees” to clients for necessary property maintenance & repairs. Costs for maintenance and repairs are exactly as billed by the 3rd party provider without extra fees, exactly like advertising or cleaning. This approach as well as our trusted relationship with our vendors, allows us to negotiate reduced costs for clients while focusing on increasing rental income. Repairs and maintenance invoices and costs are presented monthly on your owner statement. Invoices are included.

Ultimately, your vacation guests are the source of all your income. Most cleaning costs are collected directly from guests to not burden you. We have the ability to build the cleaning fees into the base rent as our research shows tacking on too many fees is a top reason why guests book somewhere else. Any additional housekeeping expenses, such as touch ups and deep cleans are displayed on monthly statements so our clients are aware of what amount is being charged for the service. We believe this approach provides the highest level of transparency for clients and the best sales strategy for vacation guests.