The Charleston Aquarium Is the Ideal Way to Spend a Day! Dive Into This Great Attraction!

Charleston has so many incredible attractions to experience! From the historic streets of downtown to the sandy beaches of the coastal islands, exciting activities await visitors to our area. The beautiful Charleston Aquarium is an intriguing and incredible attraction in the Charleston area! The Aquarium features an array of exhibits and attractions that make for a fun afternoon of taking in the wildlife that calls the South Carolina coast home! Visiting the Aquarium is only one of the many things to do here in Charleston. For even more activity ideas, be sure to download our Destination Guide! You’ll find all the must-dos, from world-class restaurants to historical landmarks. Now, let’s dive into the sea with the Charleston Aquarium!   

Charleston Aquarium 

Aquarium Overview  

The South Carolina Aquarium is one of the city’s most exciting and beautiful attractions. Located right on the Charleston Harbor, the state-of-the-art facility offers visitors and locals an educational and fun experience! The Aquarium features over 5,000 animals and a variety of stunning exhibits to see them. The Aquarium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All proceeds for the Aquarium go towards animal care, education, and research. When you visit, you’ll be part of conserving the natural world and educating future generations about its importance.   

How do I get to the Aquarium?  

The Aquarium is located in Charleston Harbor. Getting here is easy! Visit their directions page and find the route from any part of the Charleston area. When you arrive on-site, parking garages have ample parking for visitors. After parking, keep walking towards the harbor, and the Aquarium will be at the very end! Congrats, you’ve arrived at your next adventure.   

Why Visit the Aquarium?   

Visiting the South Carolina Aquarium makes for a fun and exciting day for everyone. Enjoy an exciting day of exploring on a couples’ vacation, or add it to your list for a multigenerational trip. No matter your age or reason for visiting, this is the perfect place to spend some time! Plus, who wants to experience something other than this incredible place?   

What is there to do?  

The Aquarium has several activities to enjoy! Explore the exhibits and have a personal experience with the animals! There are many animals to see here. Some of the most popular are the many species of fish that swim in South Carolina waters, sea turtles, and even River Otters! All of the animals at the Aquarium can be found in different areas around the state. Exhibits to see them include the Mountain Forest, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Kids Coast, Saltmarsh Aviary, coast, and ocean. These exhibits represent the South Carolina geographical regions.   

After Visiting the South Carolina Aquarium, Stay With Charleston Coast Vacations!

A day at the Aquarium is the perfect way to learn more about the animals that call our state home and have some fun! After exploring this incredible landmark, return to your luxurious vacation rental home with Charleston Coast Vacations! We have rental homes on the Isle of PalmsSullivan’s Island, and Folly Beach. No matter which beach town you stay in, you’ll be minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, have delicious restaurants, and plenty to see! Browse our entire collection of homes and head to Charleston!   

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