Vacation Rental vs. Hotel: What You Need to Know on the Charleston Coast

It’s finally time to go on vacation. It’s exciting, but you have lots of planning and decisions ahead of you! Where to stay is arguably one of the most important parts of the planning process. Do you choose a hotel, or do you choose a vacation rental? What type of rental is best? Here’s what you need to know about staying in a vacation rental vs. hotel on the Charleston Coast. 

What You Need to Know About Vacation Rentals Vs. Hotels

Vacation Rentals Have More Space

Your vacation accommodations are where you are going to rest and spend most of the downtime on your trip. If you are planning on traveling with a group or family, you’ll most likely want your own space. There’s nothing worse than getting on each other’s nerves in a cramped room that you’re sharing! Vacation rentals give you plenty of common living space, and everyone in your party can have their own room if you’d like. Plus, there are often beautiful porches and outdoor living areas!

Vacation Rentals Are More Private

If privacy is important to you, a vacation rental is the way to go. Many of our vacation rentals have a private pool, so you won’t have to worry about sharing it with others. Other vacation rentals in our inventory have a neighborhood pool, so you still have the chance to meet people from the community. You’ll never run into rowdy hotel guests!

The Amenities Differ

Those looking to be waited on hand and foot will definitely do best at a hotel! Vacation rentals give you more of an independent vacation, but you do still have access to amenities. While Charleston Coast Vacations doesn’t offer extravagant amenities such as room service, we are always available to make sure our guests have the best experience possible. 

The Rental Times Vary

If you’re only planning on visiting your destination for the weekend, you probably won’t be able to rent a vacation home. Many vacation rentals have minimum night stays that usually range from four days to a week, and they are higher during the peak booking season. 

Vacation Rentals Have a Kitchen

If you’re traveling with your family, all those restaurant meal bills start to add up! Having a kitchen is one of the best parts about getting a vacation rental. Not only is it more cost-effective to make a few meals at home, but you’ll also save a ton of time. Wake up, make some pancakes and coffee, then immediately hit the beach! Plus, you can visit the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market or Charleston Farmers Market to get the freshest produce around to use in the kitchen. 

Book Your Stay at Charleston Coast Vacations

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Now that you know all about vacation rentals vs. hotels, it’s time to book! If you decided on a vacation rental, book your getaway with Charleston Coast Vacations. We have gorgeous homes and villas located all over the coast. Enjoy beach access, gorgeous views, and so much more. Browse our properties to start planning today!

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