Staying on Dewees Island

Dewees Island is a private island accessible only by ferry. With proper planning, staying on the island is a breeze and a unique experience unknown to many visitors of the Charleston area. Check out this helpful video about getting to the island via ferry:

For help with planning, we stock the following items in each home:

  • 2 rolls toilet paper in each bathroom,
  • 1 roll paper towels in the kitchen,
  • kitchen towel and dish sponge or brush,
  • hand soap in the bathrooms,
  • 2 dishwasher tabs,
  • laundry detergent and dryer sheets,
  • linens and towels,
  • coffee maker and coffee filters,
  • and a few garbage bags. 

**These are meant as a starter supply to get your vacation off on the right foot. If you are staying longer than three nights, you will likely need to provide your own supplies to last the duration of your trip.

For help deciding what and how to pack for this special island experience, check out the following video:

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Upon Arrival

Plan to check in at our dunes properties office located at 1400 Palm Blvd Suite M. Isle of Palms, SC 29451. We will have your welcome packet, map, and island orientation information ready for you. We stagger ferry times based on the demand on the island that day. We work very hard to not overcrowd the ferry with too many arrivals at once. We will contact you with your specific arrival time. We have your golf carts parked at the dock and ready for you upon arrival to the island.

Load your belongings onto one (1) or (2) luggage carts and park in the rear of the lot. Relax under the covered area until the ferry captain approves boarding. The floating dock should remain clear of people and belongings. The ferry departs promptly on the hour. Click here for the ferry schedule. 

After the Ferry

Upon arriving on the Dewees Island dock, locate your golf cart(s). Your cart(s) will be labeled by property name and lot number. Prior to arrival, print this map for locating your lot number and exploring the island. For guests arriving at night, a dependable flashlight is a necessity. Each property is marked by a wooden post with the lot number in orange. No keys are required for accessing your property as Dewees is an ultra-exclusive and private island.

Using Golf Carts

Golf carts are battery operated and essential for navigating the island. Chargers are located in the garage of your property or in the rear of the cart. Verify the charger is working by listening for a hum and watching for the charge needle to move. If unsuccessful, unplug the charger from the cart and try again. The cart should be charged each night to avoid transportation obstacles.

During Your Stay

Water Usage

Water is EXTREMELY expensive on Dewees! We know you're on vacation, but being on an island with its own recycled water makes it unique. Only shower when needed and make it quick. Only do laundry when you have a full load. Only run the dishwasher when you have a full load. Make sure all outdoor hoses, showers, and fish cleaning sinks are OFF. If you notice a running toilet, shut that toilet off and email us at IMMEDIATELY. If the owner is billed for excessive use of water, it's possible that the bill will be passed along to the guest....and we reeeeaaaally don't want to do that. So please be mindful of water usage!

Fishing & Crabbing


You need a license, which can be purchased on SCDNR website. We do not supply fishing poles, tackle, or bait. You can pick those items up at the Isle of Palms Marina Store, which is located right next to the ferry landing. Keep in mind, we do not fish or crab with anything but native fish (mullet, shrimp, mud minnows, etc). Limit use of dock to 1 hour at a time. If there is a sign in the impoundment that says NO FISHING, you are not permitted to fish within 60 feet of that area. 

Where can I go fishing? 

Use of any PUBLIC dock is permitted. Driveways that have a person's name on them are private docks. Some examples of public docks are the ferry dock, Lone Cedar, & Big Bend. Please reference the map for locations.


Crabbing and cast netting is permitted during this time from the Crab Dock in the impoundment (see map), so long as you use a hand line and only fish for bait. Please remember to dispose of unwanted baitfish on the outside of the impoundment. Bait must be native fish (mullet, shrimp, mud minnows, etc), and can be purchased at the Isle of Palms Marina Store next to the ferry landing. You can also use remains of any fish you catch. Crabbing is done inside the impoundment. We do not allow any use of closed traps in the impoundment (they attract alligators). Only catch enough to eat in one sitting. No more than 2 crabs/person. Limit 20.  Limit use of dock to 1 hour at a time.

Ferry Access

To schedule a visit to Isle of Palms or Charleston during your stay, call the ferry at least 45 minutes in advance at 843-568-3990. The ferry is on-demand when leaving the island. You MUST call. When riding the ferry you are a guest of Charleston Coast Vacations. So when you sign in, you will see a section to write owner or visitor. You are a visitor and your lot number with Dewees Rentals is "200". That's the magic number, so lock it in your memory bank!

Internet Access

Every private house offers internet access through AT&T. As the island is remote, this service can be intermittent at times and should not be expected as an amenity.


Dewees is a rustic, barrier island favored by environmentally minded, outdoor-oriented guests. All properties have a regular pest control service and are well maintained. Still, the island is a natural habitat, and all forms of wildlife including flying, buzzing, crawling, and slithering types should be expected.  

It is illegal in South Carolina to “spotlight” to look for wildlife after 9:00 pm.  If you are looking at animals after that hour, stay in your golf cart and be considerate of homes nearby.  In addition, nesting turtles will avoid our beaches, and hatchlings will be disoriented if you are waving flashlights around the beach.  Keep outside lights off at night in oceanfront homes.

Keep dogs leashed in the vicinity of all shorebirds. The best time and location to run your dog on the beach is at low tide near the center of the island and where birds are not congregating. Only walk dogs north of Osprey before 8:00 am. 

Steer clear of resting birds. Large flocks of birds will reside on the beach at high tide. Consider walking the beach during a mid or low tide, this allows birds to rest and helps protect the dunes. Avoid walking through dune areas. Wintering birds will use the areas between dunes for shelter, and later in the year, the dunes are used for courtship and nesting.

Firearms, Fireworks, Bonfires 

These are strictly prohibited on the island. 


Propane grills are accessible for every property. Houses offer private grills and suites share a community grill. Public Safety refills propane as needed. They can be reached at 843 296 4952.

Garbage & Recycling

Please separate and deliver all garbage and recycling to the on-island facility. Please reference your map for the garbage and recycling location. Recycling is a hot ticket item these days. Note that there are large "Garbage" and "Recycling" dumpsters at Public Works (use your map when on the island). Recycling must be loose and not in plastic bags or Charleston County will mix it with the trash. Make sure to recycle the items listed in our house manual LOOSE and not in bags. We appreciate the extra effort on this!

Cellular Phone Service

Cellular service is intermittent on the island, however, all private homes offer a phone for local calls.

Linens & Towels

Bed linens and bath towels are provided for all vacation properties. Beach towels are occasionally available so please plan to bring or purchase beach towels.

Beach Equipment

Beach chairs are not advertised or guaranteed with properties so please plan to bring these items. Often, guests will leave a few chairs at departure so occasionally a few are available. If needed, The Isle of Palms Marina is a great option for these items. Please rinse & neatly store equipment before leaving the island.

Beach Treasures

Please limit your collection to three (3) items and avoid leaving extras at the property.


Bicycles can be privately arranged and delivered, however, most guests find the included golf cart sufficient. Isle of Palms Bike Rentals 843 747 BIKE (2453).


Dewees Island does not offer restaurants or stores, however, excellent options are available on the Isle of Palms and surrounding areas. For an insider's guide to area activities, restaurants, events, and local favorite, please visit our Things to Do page.

Departing & Check Out

Schedule Your Ferry Times

Departing Ferry schedules are 8:30AM, 9:30AM, and 10:30AM sharp. Scheduling is required the morning of departure to prevent overbooking. Ferry: (843) 568 3990

We recommend taking extra luggage to your vehicles the night before. It will greatly expedite & simplify the departure process.

Prepare Linens

Place all used linens in the laundry room. Please leave bedspreads, pillow covers, and mattress pads in place. Many guests will start a load of towels as a courtesy to the housekeeping company.


Please separate and deliver all garbage and recycling to the on-island facility. Please reference your map for the garbage and recycling location.


Please empty the refrigerator and return all dishes to the cabinets.

Windows, Door, AC, and Heat

Please close all windows and doors. Please leave AC at 78 and Heat at 69 upon departure.

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