Your Ultimate Guide to Living in Charleston: Which Beach Town is Best for Me?

Whether you’re thinking about relocating to South Carolina’s Lowcountry or purchasing an investment property, there are a lot of things to consider. From nearby schools to local attractions, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about living in Charleston, SC. In this blog, we’ll primarily focus on the towns along Charleston’s beaches, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, and Sullivan’s Island.

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Living in Charleston 101 for Someone Considering the Move

Folly Beach

Things to Do

Folly Beach is commonly known as one of the best beaches in South Carolina. The barrier island boasts a fun downtown, a laid-back vibe, and the best surfing in South Carolina. Plus, there are endless things to do on Folly. The pier is a favorite among locals and tourists alike for fishing and amazing sunsets. For surfing, the Washout area creates the best waves in the state. Hurricane Hugo destroyed an entire block of homes causing the area to have more intense winds than the rest of the shoreline. You can’t miss it when you drive down East Ashley Avenue towards the Lighthouse Inlet. Speaking of, the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve is one of our favorite spots on the island just to relax and catch some dolphin swimming. For guests who’d like to explore the island and its wildlife up close, we always recommend kayaking or paddleboarding.


There are many tasty FOLLY BEACH RESTAURANTS to choose from! For a casual spot with seafood cooked however you like it, THE CRAB SHACK offers seafood by the bucket, a raw bar menu, and so much more. BLU provides a great oceanfront dining experience. The menu will satisfy any surf and turf cravings you might be having from scallop risotto to filet mignon. Looking for a margarita after a day at the beach? TACO BOY serves typical Tex-Mex cantina fare along with great drinks and a beachy vibe. Some dog-friendly restaurants include CHICO FEOJACK OF CUPS SALOON, and LOST DOG CAFE.

Grocery Stores

The only grocery store on Folly Beach is Bert’s Market. The local favorite stays open 24/7, so you never have to go far to get what you need. If you’re looking for a larger store, there is a Harris Teeter less than three miles away on James Island. To stock up the liquor cabinet, Folly Beach Red Dot is next door to Bert’s Market.


Students that live on Folly Beach attend James Island Elementary School, Camp Road Middle School, and James Island Charter High School.

Isle of Palms

Things to Do

This barrier island boasts miles of public beach, tons of recreation, and a cute downtown area. Much of Isle of Palms is known for Wild Dunes, a resort known for its oceanfront golf and amenity-packed communities. The resort is even a favorite among people living in Charleston looking for a staycation. The island also offers an incredible public park with parking, beach rentals, outdoor showers, dressing rooms, restrooms, and more. All of these amenities make IOP one of the best South Carolina beaches for kids. The downtown features many shops and restaurants to grab a souvenir and a bite to eat. Some of our favorite things to do on Isle of Palms are kayaking, enjoying water sports, taking a boat tour, and playing a round of golf.


Vacation is a time to try new foods and splurge on a meal or two, and eating out is one of our favorite things to do on Isle of Palms. From Southern cuisine to Tex Mex to seafood, ISLE OF PALMS RESTAURANTS serves up a lot for a small beach city! However, that’s no surprise because the Lowcountry features some of the best food in the country. LONG ISLAND CAFÉ offers a changing daily menu with fresh seafood and incredible pasta. If you’re looking for a simple comfort food, PAPI’S TAQUERIA serves up all kinds of tasty tacos. CODA DEL PESCE is your classic, quality Italian seafood restaurant but with a Lowcountry twist. For a killer Isle of Palms breakfast spot, SEA BISCUIT CAFÉ doesn’t disappoint with favorites like pancakes, omelets, and of course, biscuits and gravy.

Grocery Stores

There are plenty of places to stock your pantry on Isle of Palms. Harris Teeter, New York Butcher Shop, Simmons Seafood, and Island Liquors are all located downtown. Hudson’s Market and Marina Market are on the other side of the island within Wild Dunes.


Isle of Palms students attend some of the best schools in the Charleston area. The IOP schools are Sullivan’s Island Elementary School, Moultrie Middle School, and Wando High School.

Sullivan’s Island

Things to Do

Compared to Folly Beach and Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Isle is much smaller and known for being quiet. Many locals live in the beach community full-time, and there is a lot less tourism. Because it’s known to be less crowded and is the closest beach to downtown Charleston, people living in Charleston flock to Sullivan’s Island for a quick sunset walk on the beach or a delicious meal. The island may be small but is mighty when it comes to things to do. If you like history, check out the Fort Moultrie National Historical Park. The site was used during the Revolutionary War and offers views of Fort Sumer. Some other landmarks in the area include the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, the Toi Morrison Bench, and the Edgar Allen Poe Library. With fewer people on the beach, Sullivan’s is also a great place for watersports like kiteboarding.


Sullivan’s Island is the perfect place to sample excellent cuisine, enjoy a fun happy hour, or relax with your family after a day on the beach. Local favorite THE OBSTINATE DAUGHTER offers a nautical-themed interior that gives a relaxed yet elegant ambiance that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. Plus, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Tacos and award-winning margaritas are the highlights of  MEX 1 COASTAL CANTINA. If you’re searching for a casual place to grab one of the best burgers in the Charleston area, look no further than POE’S TAVERN. Arguably the best Home Team BBQ is the one that calls Sullivan’s Island home. THE CO-OP is an amusing restaurant with quick bites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but their frosé (frozen rosé) is what draws people in time and time again. 

Grocery Stores

Because Sullivan’s Island is a small community, there are not any grocery stores. However, you can find Publix and Harris Teeter less than two miles away in Mt. Pleasant. You can also head to Isle of Palms to do your shopping.


Because Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms are so close, students attend the same schools. Those schools are Sullivan’s Island Elementary School, Moultrie Middle School, and Wando High School.

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Home

sand castle beach house

Whether you’re looking for a beach house to settle down in or an investment property to beef up your income, we can help! We have decades of experience in the Lowcountry and are extremely in tune with the market. We focus on our owners’ goals and optimize our strategies to ensure we align with their vision. Our team is second to none in the area and works tirelessly to make your vacation homeowner dream become a reality.

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Here’s Why Homeschooling on Vacation in Charleston Is the Best

If you homeschool your kids or have the opportunity to do virtual learning with them, you don’t have to worry about them missing school or working around their schedule to take a vacation. Any home can be their classroom, so why not do it in a beach house? Here are some tips for homeschooling on vacation that will make you and your kids happy.

When you’re not teaching your children a lesson, explore everything the Charleston Coast has to offer. Access our complimentary Destination Guide full of the best restaurants, shopping, things to do, and more in the area!


Tips for Homeschooling on Vacation in the Lowcountry

Take the Classroom Outside

There are so many learning opportunities for your kids outside of the classroom (or this case, beach house.) The Lowcountry is known for its unique and diverse ecosystem full of beaches, marshes, and beautiful landscapes. Just taking a walk on the beach or a local trail will give you the opportunity to spot wildlife like dolphins, great blue herons, and so much more! Kayaking can be a great way to immerse your kids in the area’s breathtaking nature. Local kayak tour companies like Charleston Outdoor Adventures offer educational tours. You and your kids are sure to learn a lot about the local ecosystems, indigenous species, and greenery from the experienced guide.

Keep In Mind: Younger kids typically need to ride in a tandem kayak with an adult.

Give a History Lesson

Downtown Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is known for its vast and complex history. Visiting Charleston is a great opportunity to teach your children many different pieces of history. Middle school and high school-aged kids love the ghost tours. Not always the most historically accurate, the tours provide a unique and engaging perspective into the Lowcountry’s past. If you branch outside of Downtown, there are several historical plantations around the area. They offer lots of educational experiences about how people used to live centuries ago, slavery, agricultural practices, and more. Some other great field trip ideas are The Charleston Museum, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, and the South Carolina Aquarium.

Keep In Mind: The opportunities truly are endless when it comes to history lessons in Charleston, South Carolina. Find some tours and places you think your kids might enjoy and ask them what they would want to do. Either way, they will learn something new, and they will be happy to have picked what they are learning.

Choose the Right Beach House

Serenity Now - homeschooling on vacation

We offer the largest selection of vacation rentals on Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, and Folly Beach. We’re sure to have the perfect place for your homeschooling on vacation beach trip! Our properties are equipped with wireless internet, so you can always be connected to the tools your kids need to learn. If you’re looking for a place with amenities your kids will love, try a beach house or condo on Isle of Palms. We have many rentals inside the amazing Wild Dunes resort or other communities with pools and private beach access!

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Multigenerational Family Vacation Ideas That Will Make Everyone Happy

There’s nothing like a beach vacation to bring family members of all ages together! However, it can be difficult to come up with activities that everyone will enjoy and can participate in. We’ve come up with some multigenerational family vacation ideas around the Lowcountry that will please the kids, the grandparents, and everyone in between!

There are endless things to do around Charleston and its beaches! Access our complimentary Destination Guide for a thoughtful list of our favorite restaurants, shops, and more!


Multigenerational Family Vacation Ideas For the Best Charleston Getaway

Hit the Beach

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is the main reason a beach vacation is ideal for people of all ages! The kids can play in the sand, teens can work on their tan, adults can enjoy the water, and grandparents can take a walk along the shore. There’s just so much to do that someone, no matter their age, can enjoy. If you’re trying to choose which beach town is best for you, both Isle of Palms and Folly Beach are great for families but have different vibes. Folly is funkier and unique, while IOP is a resort town full of amazing amenities. Both feature a lively downtown with excellent restaurants at Folly and IOP respectfully.

Cook Together

All of our Charleston Coast vacation rentals come with fully stocked kitchens. When you’re traveling with a large group, you probably don’t want to eat out every night, especially if you’re staying for a week or more. Cooking as a family is a great way to bond and is something even young kids can enjoy. Grandma can share her secret recipe with the next generation as everyone creates lifelong memories!

Turn Holidays Into Vacations

We believe any holiday can be turned into a beach vacation tradition! The Lowcountry experiences very mild winters. The coldest month is January with highs during the day reaching about 60. If you live in a cold place, Charleston will be a haven away from the snow and cold of winter. Every other season brings warm days that will have you catching a tan from March to July to October! Some of our favorite holidays to celebrate in the area include Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving.

Excursions for 10+ People

Paddle through the serence marshes and rivers of the Lowcountry while taking in the stunning landscape and getting a glimpse into the vast wildlife. Kayaking is a favorite in Charleston among locals and tourists. Kids as young as four can paddle in a tandem kayak, so it’s sure to delight adn spark wonder in everyone in your group. If you’re looking for some multigenerational family vacation ideas, golf is always a favorite! The Charleston area is also home to some spectacular golf courses. It’s a sport that draws people of all ages with its beautiful surroundings and the challenge it provides.

Choose the Right Beach House

The Oceanaire

When you’re planning a trip with your extended family, you’re going to need a large and reliable vacation rental. We have the best selection of properties on Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, and Sullivan’s Island. More than 50 of our rentals can accommodate 10 or more people! Plus, they feature stunning interiors, stylish decor, breathtaking views, and top-of-the-line amenities.

Browse our properties today and start planning your multigenerational family vacation!

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Folly Beach or Isle of Palms: Which Beach Is Best for You?

If you’re trying to choose between Folly Beach or Isle of Palms, you’ve come to the right place. Although both towns offer incredible beaches and close proximity to historic Charleston, they can provide two very different beach vacations. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down, so you can decide which beach best fits what you’re looking for.

When you visit the Lowcountry, there is so much to do outside of the beach!
Request access to our complimentary DESTINATION GUIDE to discover everything else the Charleston area has to offer from dining to shopping to outdoor recreation.


Should You Visit Folly Beach or Isle of Palms?


Folly Beach and Isle of Palms are both on the South Carolina coast near downtown Charleston. IOP is east of the peninsula, while Folly is west. Folly is about 11 miles away from the Holy City making it slightly closer than Isle of Palms, which is about 14 miles from the city. Both towns provide tons of beach access, so no matter where you decide to stay, you’ll be within walking distance to world-class shorelines.

Beach Towns

The overall atmosphere of these two beach towns can be very different at times. Folly Beach is known as a funky, laid-back town with vibrant people. Lively restaurants and bars line Center Street as the main strip guides you to the beach. Isle of Palms is just as laid-back but with more of a classic beachy vibe. Beach shops and oceanfront restaurants sit along Ocean Boulevard perfect for an evening stroll with an ice cream cone from the local Ben and Jerry’s.

Both beaches are family-friendly and great for kids! If this is your main deciding factor between Folly Beach or Isle of Palms, we recommend Folly for families with older kids and teenagers and IOP for toddlers and younger children. Teenagers will love learning how to surf at Folly Beach, known to have the best waves off the coast of South Carolina. Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms is perfect for families with young kids looking for tons of hassle-free amenities.



Unlike Folly Beach, Isle of Palms is home to a large beach resort. Wild Dunes features both convenient condos and large beach homes all within the resort. You’ll have access to on-site amenities like two golf courses, community pools, beach rentals, and more!

Beach Activities

It’s no secret that both Isle of Palms and Folly Beach offer amazing public beaches with tons of things to do! Whichever you choose to visit, we highly recommend kayaking around the barrier islands.

If you’re looking to throw in a line on your vacation, Folly Beach offers amazing fishing. A favorite spot for both locals and tourists to catch fish at different depths is the Folly Beach Fishing Pier.

Because there are so many beautiful nearby beaches in the Lowcountry, why not take a day trip to discover another shoreline? Isle of Palms neighbors the quiet beach town of Sullivan’s Island. It’s a great place for a sunset walk on the beach or a unique dining experience.

If you’re visiting the Charleston area just for the day, county parks sit on both beaches and provide amenities like beach rentals, dressing rooms, and lifeguards on duty. You’ll spot the Isle of Palms County Park shortly after you drive onto the barrier island on 14th Avenue. Folly Beach County Park sits on the west end of the island making it a bit more secluded.

Where to Stay

Humphreys Hideaway oceanfront view

Charleston Coast Vacations offers more than 100 vacations within both beach towns. You can easily choose between rentals in Folly Beach or Isle Palms by location, size, and amenities. That way you can find the property that meets your group’s every want and need. We have everything from spacious condos within Wild Dunes to one-of-kind homes you can only find in a town as unique as Folly Beach.

Browse our VACATION RENTALSnow and start planning your getaway to the Lowcountry today!


6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Investment Property in Charleston, SC

Are you finally ready to start shopping for that dream beach home in the Lowcountry? Well, there are many moving pieces to the puzzle of purchasing an investment property in Charleston, SC. Keep reading to discover how we can make your investment as easy and stress-free as possible!

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Prepare for Purchasing Your Charleston, SC, Investment Property

1. What Is the Property Worth?

A property’s selling price doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Invest in a property valuation before purchasing your Charleston, SC, investment property to assess the true worth. Then you can use that to negotiate on the final price. 

2. How Much Work Will It Be?

A potential rental property should be good to go – taking on one in need of renovation will only delay the time it gets to market. At most, allow for basic exterior renovations like paintwork and furnishing, and steer clear of homes in need of structural improvements – you’re likely to lose out on possible renters. 

3. What Is the Rental Potential?

Just because an agent says a property will earn a certain amount per week in rent doesn’t mean it will. Here at Charleston Coast Vacations, we have exceptional knowledge and experience in our area, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

4. What Will It Cost?

Make sure you come into your Charleston, SC, investment property with a set budget and a price you are willing to pay. That will make your search much easier. 

5. Are There Plans for Future Development in the Area?

Any new infrastructure projects can change an area completely, both positively and negatively. Once you know future building plans, be sure to do some research and check the location out to decide if it’s right for you. 

6. What Is Happening in the Local Market?

Go to the local area and do some research to see what it’s really like. Check out Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, and Folly Beach and figure out which area is right for you. Whether you’re searching for a quiet place with little foot traffic or a property closer to the action, you’ll find the perfect one in the Charleston area. 

Who Will Manage My Property? 

Charleston Coast Vacations rental

Here at Charleston Coast Vacations, our team is second to none in the area. We focus on our owners’ goals and optimize our strategies to ensure we align with your vision. We have years of experience providing top-notch customer service and work tirelessly to make your vacation homeowner dream become a reality.  

So, whether you want to seamlessly transition your Isle of Palms vacation rental from another company or make a new property investment, our property management services are just what you need. 

How to Plan the Ultimate Adventure From Greenville to Charleston

Do you need a change of scenery? Yes, you live near mountains, but you need a heavy dose of sun and sand. It’s time for you to escape from Greenville to Charleston. Whether you want to relax at the beautiful sands of Folly Beach or savor delicious local flavors on Sullivan’s Island, heading south to the Lowcountry is the perfect way to mix it up.  

For more ways to make the most of your time on the coast, be sure to request access to our complimentary Destination Guide! 

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How to Get From Greenville to Charleston 

Traveling from Greenville to Charleston is an easy trip that requires little effort and route planning. Hop on I-385 out of the city through Simpsonville until it meets with I-26 near Clinton. From there, you will follow the Interstate all the way to the Holy City! Once you reach I-526, you can choose to branch off towards West Ashley or Mount Pleasant, depending on whether you’re staying at Sullivan’s Island/Isle of Palms or Folly Beach. Or you can follow I-26 right through the city and take the Ravenal Bridge to IOP/Sullivan’s Island or Highway 30 to James Island (connecting to Folly Beach). The choice is yours! Regardless of the route you take once arriving, the journey is only about three and a half hours long. Below are the three fastest routes depending on your Charleston Coast Vacations rental destination! 

How to Spend Your Beach Getaway From Greenville to Charleston 

Relax on the Beach 

While the mountains of the Upstate are beautiful, there’s nothing quite like the beaches of the Lowcountry. Whether you’re staying at Sullivan’s Island, IOP, or Folly Beach, relaxing on the sand is a must during your trip from Greenville to Charleston.  

Enjoy the Beautiful Coastal Weather 

If you want to stay active during your beach getaway from Greenville, you’ll find plenty of fun outdoor activities to take part in as a family. Discover some of our favorite things to do in the Charleston area in a few of our blogs! 

Savor the Lowcountry 

The Lowcountry is home to some of the most renowned flavors on the East Coast. With so many incredible local restaurants, choosing which ones to visit during your trip can be a tall task. Check out some of our favorite places to taste the top flavors in our city below! 

Plan Your Beach Vacation With Charleston Coast Vacations 

Our collection of rentals in Sullivan’s IslandIsle of Palms, and Folly Beach provide you with tons of incredible choices for your family beach trip. Our rentals feature new renovations, flawless decorations, ocean views, and special amenities to ensure you have a top-notch comfortable stay. Plus, our concierge team can help you plan your trip every step of the way.  

Start planning your beach getaway from Greenville today by browsing our rentals. We look forward to welcoming you to the Lowcountry! 

How to Make the Most of Your Pet-Friendly Adventure to Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC, is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. You can have your pup at your side as you stroll through the historic city center, splash in the waves, or savor the delicious local cuisine. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite things to do with your furry friends during your time on the coast.

If you want to discover more ways to make the most of your Lowcountry getaway, be sure to request access to our complimentary Destination Guide. 

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Tips for the Ultimate Pet-Friendly Trip to Charleston, SC


Play on the Beach 

There’s nothing better than running around on the sand under the sun with your dog during your Charleston vacation. Here are some important rules for frolicking on the beach with your pup! 

Folly Beach Dog Rules 

October through April, leashed dogs may run, walk, fetch, and swim any time of the day. From May through September (summer), dogs may not go on the beach from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Dog Rules > 

Isle of Palms Dog Rules 

Isle of Palms is the most pet-friendly beach in Charleston, SC. Dogs may be on the beach all day, year-round. From September 15th through March 31st, dogs may be off-leash from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. and from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. from April 1st through September 14th. You can walk your dog on a leash all other times of the day. 

Dog Rules > 

Sullivan’s Island Dog Rules 

The dog rules on Sullivan’s Island are among the strictest in the Charleston area. All dogs must have a permit ($40 for visitors). Dogs may be off-leash from 5 a.m. to noon from October through April. Dogs may be off-leash from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. during summer, and on-leash from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. (not allowed on the beach from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.). 

Dog Rules > 

Take a Stroll Along the Battery and Waterfront Park 

Grab your leash and take your dog on an exciting adventure through downtown Charleston. Soak in the historical sites along the Battery before taking a stroll through Waterfront Park. The scenic views of the harbor are incredible, and the ocean breeze will keep you and your pup cool! 

Tip: The pavement can get excruciatingly hot during the summer months, so we recommend walking your dog here in the morning or evening when the crowds are lighter. 

Explore James Island County Park 

If you want to let your dog run around off their leash, James County Island Park has a large four-acre dog park! There is a $2 admission fee to enter the park. 

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Charleston 

The Barrel 

If you want to let your furry friend run around while you enjoy a cold beer, then you need to head over to The Barrel. This James Island establishment is less than 10 minutes from Folly Beach and is a dog-friendly Charleston hot spot. Check their website for upcoming food trucks and entertainment on site. 

The Windjammer 

The Windjammer is the premier entertainment destination on Isle of Palms, and the back deck is the perfect place to sit with your pup as you gaze out across the ocean with your favorite drink. The front has a “No Dogs” sign, but you are allowed to sit on the deck as long as you have a leash. 

Red’s Ice House 

Shem Creek is the pulse of Mount Pleasant and home to sensational sunsets. Hopping Red’s Ice House is one of the best pet-friendly bars in Charleston, SC, and it’s only 10 minutes from Sullivan’s Island and 15 minutes from IOP. 

Revelry Brewing 

If you’re craving a local craft brew while exploring downtown, head over to Revelry Brewing. This local hotspot has plenty of outdoor seating on the ground floor and the rooftop patio, where you’ll find plenty of dogs soaking in the rays. 

Home Team BBQ 

Home Team BBQ has a few spots around town, but we recommend visiting the ones in downtown and Sullivan’s Island if you have pets. Both allow leashed dogs. 

Taco Boy 

Both the downtown and Folly Beach Taco Boy locations are some of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Charleston, SC. Serving up delicious guac,  margaritas, and tacos (of course!), these fantastic places to eat offer plenty of outdoor seating for you and your pooch. 

Bring the Entire Family on Your Charleston Vacation 

East Arctic Avenue 1213 deck

After a day of exploring Charleston with your furry friend, head back to your Charleston Coast Vacations pet-friendly rental and unwind. Our collection of rentals in Sullivan’s IslandIsle of Palms, and Folly Beach provide you with tons of incredible choices for your family beach trip. Our rentals feature new renovations, flawless decorations, ocean views, and special amenities to ensure you have a top-notch comfortable stay. Plus, our concierge team can help you plan your trip every step of the way. 

Start planning your Charleston getaway by browsing our vacation rentals. We look forward to welcoming you to the Lowcountry! 


It’s no secret that the Carolina coast is one of the best destinations around. While there are plenty of great cities along the coast, there’s a reason why so many travel from all over each year to experience ours. From its sweeping beaches and unique southern charm to the unbeatable cuisine and an endless number of things to do, there couldn’t be a better destination for your April getaway. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about visiting Charleston in April this year.  

Request a copy of our free online VACATION GUIDE to find inspiration and direction while planning your itinerary. You can discover our top recommendations for all things restaurants, activities, bars, and more!  




While April is often when many people enjoy traveling to Charleston, you can often still find lower nightly rates than you would during the summer months. This means you’ll be able to choose the fabulous rental home you really want while even staying longer! That way, you can experience Charleston the way you’ve always dreamed without settling. Enjoy the regular Charleston offerings at a fraction of the cost. What could be better? 


There’s something unique about Charleston in April. While it’s a wonderful time to travel, many children are still in school and families booked their stays for later in the year. By traveling in April, you can avoid the summer influx of tourists in the city. You can relax with the locals to truly get an authentic sense of the city. Plus, nothing is better than easily snagging a reservation at your favorite restaurant. 


It’s no secret that Charleston’s climate is rather hot in the summer. Beat the heat when you travel in April! With highs average highs of 73, there’s truly no better time to travel. Ideal, comfortable temperatures like that allow you to create an itinerary you truly want without the worry of escaping the heat or cooling off. Spend your days on the beach, shopping downtown, or even lounging by the pool. Because many of your favorite Charleston activities are outdoors, comfortable temperatures can make or break your getaway experience. 


You can bet on finding fun, exciting events to take part in when you visit Charleston in April. Whether you join the Cooper River Bridge Run, admire local pieces at the North Charleston Art Festival, or land a ticket to the Volvo Car Open Tennis Tournament, there is surely an event happening that you won’t want to miss. Plus, you’ll find fantastic live music all over the city! To ensure you get a spot, be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time when necessary.  

*Check the websites for specific information regarding changes, cancellations, and regulations surrounding COVID-19.   


No matter what season you plan your Charleston getaway, you can always be sure that Charleston Coast Vacations is the best place to stay if you’re hoping for comfort, quality, and not to mention great views! Explore our portfolio of hand-selected properties with ocean views, private pools, hot tubs, and more! Our team has equipped these homes to be everything you need while enjoying your Lowcountry experience. When you’re ready, book your stay with us today! We look forward to hosting your vacation to Charleston In April.  

Here Are 3 of the Best South Carolina Road Trips

South Carolinians travel from all over the state and surrounding areas every year to experience the charm and excitement of Charleston, SC. Keep reading the discover some of the best road trips taken by our visitors, along with a few of our favorite hidden gems to see along the way. Here are three of the best South Carolina road trips to Charleston. 

It’s no secret that Charleston is one of the best destinations in South Carolina, but have you experienced the area like a true local? Request a free copy of our digital Vacation Guide to find our top recommendations for everything dining, drinking, and exploring. Use this guide to inspire your itinerary and start planning the ultimate Charleston road trip today! 

Get the Guide 

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Best South Carolina Road Trips 

Asheville to Charleston, South Carolina Road Trips

While the mountains of Asheville boast beautiful scenery and plenty to offer, everyone needs a change of scenery every so often! A trip to the Lowcountry is exactly what you need. In addition to Charleston’s breathtaking coastline, the city is full of a variety of offerings to exceed any traveler’s expectations. Many Asheville residents travel to Charleston to soak up the sun in our warm climate, enjoy the incredible shopping opportunities, and get a taste of the city’s unbeatable cuisine scene.  

You’ll find an easy 4-hour drive from Ashville to Charleston. Interstate-26 provides a route straight to the Lowcountry! If you’re looking for a quick detour to make the trip even more exciting, Greenville, South Carolina, is known for its beautiful downtown area with shopping, dining opportunities, and coffee shops.  

Greenville to Charleston, South Carolina Road Trips

Speaking of Greenville, we’ve found that many of our visitors travel to Charleston from the upstate! Take advantage of Charleston’s pristine waters and warm weather to escape everyday life. Charleston is one of the easiest road trips to make and a top destination year after year! Hop on Interstate-26 and enjoy the simple 3-hour drive from Greenville to Charleston.  

Columbia, South Carolina, is a great place to stop if you’re not in a hurry! Take your time exploring the city’s downtown area, various nature parks, and even museums! As the South Carolina state capitol, there’s plenty to do and see here before continuing your journey to Charleston.  

Charlotte to Charleston, South Carolina Road Trips

If you’re looking to trade in the city life of Charlotte for soft sand beaches and historic charm, a Charlotte to Charleston road trip is exactly what you need! While Charlotte and Charleston may have some things in common, Charlotte residents love traveling to the coast to seek the sand and sun, not to mention the rich history found here.  

Pack the car and hit the road for a short 3-hour drive down Insterstate-77 South and Interstate-26 East. You will love stopping in Columbia, South Carolina, along this route as well! After an afternoon of fun, you’ll be thrilled to finally reach Charleston to enjoy a vacation full of delicious food, beautiful beaches, and more. 

Explore Luxury Rentals with Charleston Coast Vacations 

Regardless of where you may be traveling from, Charleston is a destination that undoubtedly deserves a spot at the top of your bucket list! There’s truly no better place to relax, explore, and more lifelong memories with loved ones. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape, bachelorette weekend, family vacation, or a friends’ getaway, Charleston will offer everything you need! 

First, select your comfy accommodationsCharleston Coast Vacations boasts an impressive portfolio of villas and condos right on the water to host your stay. Select your favorite from Isle of PalmsSullivan’s Island, or Folly Beach to get started planning your next vacation. Don’t let another day pass you by without planning your ultimate Charleston road trip! We can’t wait to host your stay in the Holy City.  

Here’s All You Should Know About Visiting Charleston in March

There’s a reason why millions travel each year to the beautiful coast of Charleston, SC! As one of the top destinations on the east coast, it draws in its visitors with a unique historic charm, unbeatable shopping, and a restaurant portfolio that can make anyone want to stay awhile. While your first thought may be to experience this destination during the warmest months, you might have better luck planning your trip outside of peak season. If you’re considering traveling to Charleston in March, this guide is for you! 

Request a copy of our complimentary digital VACATION GUIDE to find plenty of ideas and inspiration while planning your trip through the Holy City! You’ll find all our favorite restaurants, bars, activities, and hidden gems all in one place.  


4 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Charleston in March 

Indulge in More for Less 

When traveling to Charleston outside of peak season, you’ll get to take advantage of lower nightly rates! That means choosing the rental homes you really want and staying longer to enjoy more of the city than ever before! Why compete with other visitors for the best of Charleston when you can experience it all with ease at a fraction of the price?  

Skip the Crowds  

One of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the city of Charleston is to travel when others aren’t. By avoiding other tourists, you’ll be among locals and get a more authentic taste of what the city is like. You’ll experience ease when creating restaurant reservations, finding a lounge spot on the beach, or getting tickets to your favorite local attractions.  

Charleston March Weather 

Because of Charleston’s hot and humid summers, it’s often a great idea to explore the city in the cooler months. In fact, you may even find temperatures in March to be more comfortable for your trip than the summer months. Skip the humid Lowcountry heat to opt for the mild March weather with highs often in the 60s! Visiting the city this time of year allows you to take advantage of the same wonderful activities while staying cool and comfortable.

Join the Fun 

You can be sure to find exciting events and activities happening when you plan a visit to Charleston in March. From the Charleston Wine and Food Festival to live music shows, this month hosts some of the city’s most beloved events each year. Be sure to get tickets in advance if necessary, to ensure your spot. These events are always a blast for visitors and locals alike! 

*Check the websites for specific information regarding changes, cancellations, and regulations surrounding COVID-19.  


Whether you choose to visit the Lowcountry in spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can be confident that you’ll experience nothing but comfort when staying with Charleston Coast Vacations. Our team of friendly professionals has thought of everything to ensure you’re able to fully enjoy every second of your vacation. With our portfolio of impressive, handpicked homes on the coast of Charleston, you’ll feel right at home while enjoying everything the area has to offer! Explore our diverse collection of properties to find romantic escapes, pet-friendly homes, and even properties suited for large groups. Then, book your stay with us today! There’s no better place to stay when traveling to Charleston. We can’t wait to host your March getaway.