3 of the Best South Carolina Beach Towns You Need to Visit

The Lowcountry is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. These South Carolina beach towns are fantastic places to escape with your family for some fun under the sun. With an array of restaurants, activities available to explore, and attractions, you won’t want to leave! 

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Here Are the Best South Carolina Beach Towns 

Folly Beach 

If you desire wide stretches of beautiful sandy beaches, but also want a good mix of restaurants, bars, and shops nearby, then Folly Beach will be one of your favorite South Carolina beach towns. Situated about 25 minutes south of downtown Charleston, this island is full of local charm. Center Street is full of life during the day and into the evening, with hotspots like Taco BoyJack of Cups SaloonRita’s Seaside Grill, and St. James Gate serving up plenty of great food and spirits. You’ll also find live music on most nights during the summer. Once you branch away from Center Street, Folly Beach is a peaceful island oasis. This is one of the best beaches for surfing in the Charleston area, and there are also nearby kayaking options. 

Isle of Palms 

Isle of Palms is one of the most family-friendly beach towns in South Carolina. It’s a short drive over the Intracoastal Waterway from Mount Pleasant, so you’re not far from the action. Ocean Boulevard has a handful of fun restaurants and shops like Acme Lowcountry Kitchen and The Windjammer, but for the most part, this island is a beachgoers paradise. The gated community of Wild Dunes is on the northern tip of the island and has two golf courses, tennis courts, and private beach access points for its guests. There is also a marina accessible to everyone where you can rent boats, kayaks, and take parasailing tours. Historic downtown Charleston is only a 15 to 20-minute drive if you want to get out and explore during your stay. 

Sullivan’s Island 

Sullivan’s Island is one of the most quiet and secluded South Carolina beach towns in the Charleston area. It’s only a little more than three miles long tip-to-tip, but it’s a fantastic place to spend your beach vacation. Middle Street is home to a block of cute shops and fantastic restaurants. Poe’s TavernMex 1 Coastal CantinaHome Team BBQ, and The Obstinate Daughter (a Charleston favorite) are some of the best local dining experiences outside of downtown Charleston. If you love having plenty of space to yourself on the beach, then you’ll love Sullivan’s Island. Not only will you have most of the beach to yourself, but you can walk to the southern tip of the island for incredible views of Charleston and the harbor. Plus, the drive to Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Isle of Palms is only about 10 to 15 minutes. 

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6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Investment Property in Charleston, SC

Are you finally ready to start shopping for that dream beach home in the Lowcountry? Well, there are many moving pieces to the puzzle of purchasing an investment property in Charleston, SC. Keep reading to discover how we can make your investment as easy and stress-free as possible!

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Prepare for Purchasing Your Charleston, SC, Investment Property

1. What Is the Property Worth?

A property’s selling price doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Invest in a property valuation before purchasing your Charleston, SC, investment property to assess the true worth. Then you can use that to negotiate on the final price. 

2. How Much Work Will It Be?

A potential rental property should be good to go – taking on one in need of renovation will only delay the time it gets to market. At most, allow for basic exterior renovations like paintwork and furnishing, and steer clear of homes in need of structural improvements – you’re likely to lose out on possible renters. 

3. What Is the Rental Potential?

Just because an agent says a property will earn a certain amount per week in rent doesn’t mean it will. Here at Charleston Coast Vacations, we have exceptional knowledge and experience in our area, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

4. What Will It Cost?

Make sure you come into your Charleston, SC, investment property with a set budget and a price you are willing to pay. That will make your search much easier. 

5. Are There Plans for Future Development in the Area?

Any new infrastructure projects can change an area completely, both positively and negatively. Once you know future building plans, be sure to do some research and check the location out to decide if it’s right for you. 

6. What Is Happening in the Local Market?

Go to the local area and do some research to see what it’s really like. Check out Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, and Folly Beach and figure out which area is right for you. Whether you’re searching for a quiet place with little foot traffic or a property closer to the action, you’ll find the perfect one in the Charleston area. 

Who Will Manage My Property? 

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Here at Charleston Coast Vacations, our team is second to none in the area. We focus on our owners’ goals and optimize our strategies to ensure we align with your vision. We have years of experience providing top-notch customer service and work tirelessly to make your vacation homeowner dream become a reality.  

So, whether you want to seamlessly transition your Isle of Palms vacation rental from another company or make a new property investment, our property management services are just what you need. 

Where You’ll Find the Best Kayaking in Charleston

Charleston’s beautiful climate means that you can enjoy outdoor activities at nearly any time of year! There’s no shortage of things to do outside, and one of our favorites is to get out on the water. See the coast from a new perspective when you head out for a Charleston, SC, Kayaking journey! 

We know you’ll find all the fun on the coast! To get ready for the getaway of a lifetime, access our complimentary Destination Guide. In the guide, you will find information on the coolest local spots, attractions, dining, and more in Charleston, South Carolina! 

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The Best Spots for Your Sunset and Sunrise Charleston, SC, Kayaking Excursion

Kayaking on the coast is always a good idea, but paddling out to see the sunrise or set over the water is even better! Grab your kayak, paddle, and life jacket for the adventure of a lifetime on the South Carolina Coast.  

1. Shem Creek

This famous waterway is easily one of the best spots in the area. From sunrise to sunset, you’ll find Shem Creek bustling with kayaks, paddleboards, and shrimp boats. The mouth of the creek is lined with great restaurants, bars, and sometimes even a few dolphins! Kayaking in Shem Creek guarantees the perfect blend of outdoor fun and a lively atmosphere.

2. Isle of Palms

Coastal kayaking is a treat like no other, and what better way to do it than along Isle of Palms? If you’re new to saltwater kayaking, we recommend booking a sunrise or sunset tour with Coastal Expeditions. This tour promises gorgeous sights and an incredible experience in the water. Plus, you’ll be able to choose from different types of kayaks to suit your needs, and you’ll get a few pointers on holding the paddle.   

3. Folly Beach

Folly Beach is home to several incredible kayak adventure companies that offer some of the best tours in the area. Check out three of our favorites below!

1. Folly Beach Adventures  

Directions To Folly Beach Adventures  

Folly Beach Adventures has it all! Whether you’re looking for a golf cart for the week or Folly Beach kayak rentals, you can find it here. You can choose to rent their sit-on-top kayaks by the half-day, full-day, or week. If you’re renting one of our waterfront homes, consider renting a kayak for the week, so it’s readily available for a relaxing morning paddle! 

2. Flipper Finders Boat & Sea Kayak Tours 

Directions To Flipper Finders Boat & Sea Kayak Tours 

Flipper Finders Boat & Sea Kayak Tours offers both kayak rentals and tours. They offer a variety of kayak options and everything that goes along with it. Don’t worry about getting life jackets or any prior instruction– they’ll do it all. They will even assist you with the launch in certain circumstances! Or, you can opt to get your kayak delivered to your vacation rental. If you have never been kayaking before or want an experienced guide to show you all the best places to go, consider a tour instead of a rental.  

3. Charleston Outdoor Adventures 

Directions To Charleston Outdoor Adventures 

Charleston Outdoor Adventures is all about getting out on the water. Not only do they have kayak rentals and tours, but they also have boat tours, paddle boarding, and fishing. They’re also right next to the famous Bowen’s Island Restaurant so that you can grab a bite afterward! You can either opt for a marsh tour or rent a kayak to explore the beautiful area on your own terms. There aren’t any other rental locations in this area, so it’s a truly unique experience! 

More Exciting Kayaking Tours in Charleston, SC 

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Charleston Oceanfront Villas Sunset

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